Whether you are just starting a business in the Los Angeles area, elsewhere in California or are facing legal issues you do not know how to resolve, a good lawyer will be your best investment. All companies come up against transactional legal issues as part of their everyday functioning, as well as when they make changes that need to be registered with the government. Having a skilled guide who knows business and the law can save you time, money and frustration.

At Khinda Wilson LLP, we help companies handle their business transaction issues on a regular basis. Whether you come to us for help with a specific issue or you retain us to act as general counsel, you receive the same professional representation and excellent service.

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We offer representation for these and other transactional law issues:


Our attorneys have national and international experience that will be invaluable for your business whether you are looking to expand to the East Coast, in Europe, Asia or the Middle East.  If you are already based outside the US and are considering venturing into the United States, as many of our clients do, we are here to guide you through the process and help to provide a wider perspective. Enhancing our ability to provide this perspective is our partnership with a team of the highest caliber international lawyers, tax advisors and consultants.

Simon Khinda is licensed to practice law in California and New York. He has worked in-house for companies around the globe, including in England, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and India. Simon focuses his attention on our firm's transactional matters, from the most basic startup to the complex multi-million dollar deal. Admitted to practice in California and Colorado, Michael Wilson has handled in-depth legal matters for a wide range of business and individual clients. He oversees the firm's litigation cases and has accumulated numerous successes in the courtroom on behalf of individuals and multimillion-dollar business clients.

We do more than solving your legal problem. Our attorneys partner with you and are equally invested in the successful outcome of your case. We also take cost into consideration. All of our work is done efficiently and with an eye to your success instead of to our bottom line.

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