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Deciding to take a person or company to court is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly. If your legal concern warrants a lawsuit, you want an attorney who is frank about your chances of success and who will vigorously protect your interests.

At Khinda Wilson LLP, we approach civil litigation pragmatically. While we understand the desire to see justice prevail when you feel you have been wronged, it is equally important to understand all of the factors at play and to recognize that there may be alternatives to litigation that can achieve the same result. We will advise you on all of your options so you can make an informed decision before you proceed.

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We offer civil litigation services for these and other concerns:


Litigation for the sake of litigating is rarely the solution. We give you objective advice as to whether you have anything to gain, based on what the lawsuit will cost you. We provide a full cost-benefit analysis to see whether litigation is your best option or if there is a better use for your money to achieve your ultimate goal.

Frequently, negotiation, mediation or binding arbitration may give you better and faster results than taking your case to court. These methods are much more cost-effective and tend to cause less disruption to your life or business than a lawsuit. We have extensive experience with all of these methods and can advise you as to which may be the most successful in your situation. If your case requires a judge's decision, we are skilled trial lawyers and will fight for your interests.

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