Commercial Real Estate


Whether your company is looking to expand your premises or you have a new business looking for a place to start, you need guidance as you search for the right place to land. Aside from needing to find premises that meet all of your company's needs, you will also have to deal with many legal issues. Our lawyers can help you navigate the legal system and cut through the red tape so you can get your business established in its new home.


At Khinda Wilson LLP, we have years of experience handling commercial real estate transactions and litigation, here in the Los Angeles area, elsewhere in the country and abroad. We work with startups and large corporations on negotiations for purchases and leases, as well as putting the correct documentation in place, as needed to close the deal.

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Simon Khinda is licensed to practice law in California and New York and can help local companies that wish to establish themselves on the East Coast, as well as East Coast companies looking to move west. Licensed in California and Colorado, Michael Wilson is an accomplished litigator who can take action on behalf of businesses who are facing a wide range of legal issues.

We offer representation for these and other commercial real estate issues:

  • Purchase & Sales
  • Leasing
  • Contract Drafting, Negotiation & Review
  • Title Policy Review
  • Construction Defects
  • Financing
  • Development
  • Zoning
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Real Estate Litigation


Our attorneys partner with you to help you find the right solution to your real estate issue. We have a vested interest in your success and will do everything we can to make this process as efficient and cost-effective as possible. We will present all of your options and assist you in the decision-making process. We have the knowledge and experience to execute all necessary paperwork and resolve any disputes or conflicts. If a situation develops that necessitates litigation, we are experienced trial lawyers and will protect your company's interests.​

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