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Mr. Bernard is pro-active, approachable and will be handling all our business legal matters I first set out to find a lawyer to handle a situation with a former client that basically cost our business half our income for a whole month. The last time I saw myself in a situation that required legal help was 20 years ago, so I have a pretty good idea of the type of information one should have readily available before prospecting attorneys and I also had a family member (who is an attorney as well) have a look at the situation and he felt we had strong evidence to move forward. My approach to prospecting hasn't changed much from that first experience 20 years ago, so part of the criteria is that the person needs to be approachable, be brutally honest (I'm a big girl, I can handle the truth) and have a basic understanding of the role that technology plays in the way we run our business with that in mind, I went ahead and contacted a few attorneys and Michael really surprised me by getting back to me within the hour and arranging a brief consultation with my business partner and me. After our initial consultation, this is why we decided to hire Michael that same day:

  • He turned out to be the first and ONLY person to get back to me (which was probably for the best!)
  • He took the time to understand our perspective before making any preliminary assessments (he basically concurred with my family member's assessment)
  • He is astute and straight forward with his recommendations (without coming across as patronizing)
  • His communication style is very compatible with ours (reassuring but firm)
  • He follows up with updates and we never feel like we have to "chase him down' for one
  • His practical approach and attention to detail have put us in a GREAT position to handle any future situations that may arise in our business
  • We are so impressed by the results that we've decided he's the best person to handle all our business matters


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