He Is My Savior


I was looking on line for an attorney for unlawful detainer and left message to a couple but at 9pm left my last message and that attorney call 10 minutes later It was Simon Khinda. I explain to him my problem and since it was only 3 days before court date I was really scared that he would not take my case. Not only he took my case, since I am disabled and senior he offered to come to my house and get all the paperwork and believe it or not he was right on time punctual a great virtue, that man was so humble, honest and he was ready to do everything in is power to see justice done. today he settle out of court and I will be safe. A third party took care of the financial part of the operation. So what can you ask more from an attorney. For me he was send by God, there is no other explanation, he is my savior.


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